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myIDENTITY List of Participating Government Agencies

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Government Agencies Can Perform Registration and Verification Only at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN)


You will receive a notification email regarding the updating of your contact information (correspondence address, email address and mobile phone number) from my IDENTITY
if your contact information be amended in any participating government agencies
(National Registration Department, Immigration, Road Transport Department and
Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia).
You also will receive a notification email from MySIKAP Road Transport Department
if you are a customer for MySIKAP RTD.

You need to register yourself as a user in order to use myIDENTITY online services:

1) To register, go to the nearest National registration Department (JPN) for registration and authentication myIDENTITY.

2)Your registration must be authenticated via fingerprint verification process.

3) If authentication is successful, you will be given your PIN number via email.